I've been a member of Discogs for about a year and the app is one of the BEST I've used.
I'm now trying to list my DVDS etc but trying to search is impossible, when I search for (eg) On The Buses it comes up with 32000 entries none of which are actually relevant???? How do you search or add a DVD for sale, I'm using a Samsung s7 phone-is that the problem? Thanks in advance

Search functionality has been an issue for a long time.


hey mickyas, thanks for the feedback we are aware of this, the search is a bit fuzzy so returns a lot of hits especially for very common words like "On", "the" and "buses". We need to improve the filtering on these "stop words" (the technical term), hopefully we can address that soon.

What is most important though isn't the number of results, but that the things one is looking for comes up near top. For the search term you mentioned, "On the Buses", it simply looks like no releases from that series have been added to the database. So if you want to sell a dvd like that, you could start by adding it to the database and then listing it for sale. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions!

@EK_: the issues in the thread you link to have been resolved, alternate titles are searchable. For instance a search for Die+sieben+Samurai returns 七人の侍 as one of the top results. If you have any specific examples of alternative titles where search isn't working as expected please let us know.

Can you create a similar autocomplete feature for movies as on this site https://www4.two-movies.name/main
Please, It works really great.

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