So which is the correct one?

"Warner Bros." can't be found anymore when trying to add it as company.
0 Search results.
Although i have several releases where its definately printed with an "." and seems like the more correct way to type it.

Shouldn't these be merged?

First one is correct. You can post the “to be merged” companies in the duplicate companies thread.

First one is correct. Releases with a clear "." should get the ol' ANV.

I also think that it should be merged to "Warner Bros."

But this still doesn't solve the problem that "Warner Bros." can't be found when trying to use it.
Looks like a bug on the website that should be adressed soon.
By now only can be added.

Unfortunately, setting "Warner Bros" to ANV for all cases is not so easily done if users cannot differentiate between legitimate ANV's and cases of typos and users "just picking" one of the two options, regardless of accuracy.

I think it's generally understood that most cases of abbreviated company titles without commas or periods are either release typos or oversights on the part of package designers, and therefor constitute ANV's... But, from tiny-text, secondhand scans alone, it can be very hard to visually confirm the legitimacy of this, and that's just assuming users even upload actual photos/scans of the releases they're submitting.

I don't suppose it's a great idea to adjust other users' submissions without being able to confirm whether or not there is a legit ANV case for a release, versus user ignorance/oversight for such a large selection of releases. In the end, it just leads to another mess that has to be sorted out.

FWIW, I understand what you're suggesting, idefix23, I just think anyone undertaking the task has got their work cut out for them. It can be very difficult to make out fine print from scans, assuming a previous user even submitted scans in the first place.

Sorry, I meant to address this to lexiconangel... It's still early.

I still can't add Warner Bros.
Its not found!!

Is someone of the staff already aware of this problem???

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