I have two copies of this

They are identical except for one is in black keep case the other in a clear one, plus they have different hologram anti-piracy stickers that are the norm for all this distributor's releases in my territory. I took a photo... but can't upload to forum. Anyway the stickers are both Buena Vista, but one is round the other oblong, the hologram images are also subtly different. Does this warrant a unique sub (with an explanatory note)? Or a note about different holograms and keep cases in the existing sub?


the stickers are on the sleeve, not the keep case...

Why's there no stickerogs, by the way?!

Trading Card ogs?

This is the kind of conversation I keep coming back for. :)

You may like this old forum post lexiconangel -


Why's there no stickerogs, by the way?!

Now there's an og my wife could go for, right alongside meme-og ;)

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