I see that the Filmogs team put profile changes into effect! It's so great I can sort alphabetically, sort by film, release, format, and others in my contributions page. Next up is the profile page I hope!

Collection, I mean.

Happy to hear that WolfXCIX, glad you like the new features!

Getting similar functionality for collection, wantlist etc. is indeed on our todo list, but it is a bit more complicated, technically. But we hope to work on it soon(-ish).

Contributions list is screwed up now. 120 items are no longer listed in my contributions page.

There were some minor syncing issues. Your contributions should be up to date on your profile page now EK_. Please let us know if you see any more inconsistencies.

Be assured that there was no data loss, just minor inconsistencies with how some of the records were listed in our search index vs. how they were saved the database.

Pretty cool. However, I'm seeing a ton of stuff on my "For Sale" page that I'm certain I didn't add ("Thor: Ragnarok" immediately comes to mind).

Any thoughts?

If you added the RELEASE and someone else puts that same product up for sale, it will show in your "For Sale" crap.

Whoa...NEAT! Thanks for pointing that out!

Ah, yes, that is potentially confusing. The for sale filter means items that you have submitted that are for sale, not necessarily that you are selling them. We will have a think on whether that's worth changing.

You can view your listings on your marketplace account https://shop.filmo.gs/accounts/account/

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