As i've got a long way to go to get all my audio stuff listed on Discogs I thought it would be nice for a break to list my films here. But I don't want to start messing things up. So before I get carried away, what do I really need to know as I start out? I just found a couple of films in my collection, but then i've come across some where I can find a Blu-Ray listed, but mine has a different cat no and/or barcode, I don't want to add duplicates but if mine is in fact a different version/release then I will need to create a new entry for it I guess?

Just want to make sure i've read what I need to and am not treading on anyones toes as I try to list my collection. Luckily its way smaller than my vinyl collection.

Thanks all.

Nice to have you here. You're correct: if you have a different catalog number or barcode, or even different artwork, you should probably add your version. I tend to be as detailed as possible in what I enter. But the bare minimum (IMHO) is:
-Catalog Number/ISBN/Barcode
-Link to master film

Of course, you can always peep the wiki ( for what's been agreed upon by our benevolent mods and community.

And use actual images of the product you have when indexing RELEASES.

welcome to filmogs, Dj_Paul_Table. Like lexiconangel mentions you should add your version if it differs from the ones already listed.

One potential tip: If releases similar to the one you are listing are already in the database you can use the "add one like this" option from the dropdown in the right hand column. That will pre-fill the submission form and mean that you only have to change the fields that are different from what is already in there.

Do feel free to ask in the forum or the support channel (the little speech bubble in the lower right hand corner). Best of luck with listing your collection.

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