By "consistently", I mean, I have never encountered this problem before a day or two ago, and now two uploads I've made in that span of time have the issue of speciffic image files corrupting every time I submit them (they upload fine in the editing page, but they break as soon as I click to save to uploads). The image files in question are no different from any others I add in terms of format, rough dimensions and file size, but the break every single time upon uploading: (images 7 and 8) (image 1)

The broken images in the 2nd entry are the same file uploaded twice--I tried uploading it a 2nd time and didn't bother disabling either, because what's the point if things are non-functional anyway?

What is going on? It seems odd that this issue appearss out of the blue for two different, very recent submissions when it's never been a problem for hundreds of previous submissions I've made. It's incredibly annoying.

Older submissions may not show images, too. Random titles. Strange.

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