I have found a few profiles in Russian.

I know on discogs or other ogs they must be English is this the same here?





All submitted by same user.

I also know in ogs the title must be Russian if its a russian person or Japanese for a Japanese, but will this make it harder to search and possible dupes since nowbody can write Russian crylic on a normal keyboard.

Also while i am here i made a commet on idea film.

At the moment when i click on a sesnsitive item there is no releases linked to film page when there is a film made for that release and no credits are linked.

Why is that?

An example would be discogs.com. Soviet and Russian performers in the original language. Example: https://www.discogs.com/search/?q=Aleksandr&type=all

All examples show english so thank you ensden.

I don't want to upset the user by editing the pages etc and plus i don't know russian, and google translate can be misleading

I've said it before: This is an English-language website, based in an English-speaking country; Speak English, submit data (whatever form it takes).

As far as I'm concerned, nothing but original names, titles, off-site links to pages without English-language equivalents and things of that nature should ever be submitted in any language but English (I'm not concerned with things like "colour" vs. "color").

I still believe names and titles should be as true to their origins as possible, including rare exceptions where original titles take the form of non-native languages. If anyone thinks it's too much work to cross-reference Cyrillic (etc.) character variants with a search engine, I feel sorry for them.

I see no issues with adding English/Latinized/whatever variants to Notes, Profiles or Alternative Titles (assuming they are associated with an actual language-speciffic release, premiere or publication) to make it easier for these people, though. I just don't think entire paragraphs should be in other languages.




The user has stopped and adding english to all so i thank the staff for fixing this.

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