Please add Music under the genre drop-down. It is annoying as heck when I'm setting categories for Music Videos I have to choose "Musical" for the genre (seeing as its now a mandatory field).


I like the idea of a drop-down menu to cover genres.

so rock, pop, electronic etc?.

Fantasy Barbarian Metal

that is a true style.

fantasy metal is called power metal.

viking metal is also another style but not barbarian.

black metal can also have some fantasy elements in it as well

+2 (I've already complained about this on another thread). I'm also not sure adding genres specific to music in the dropdowns would be useful at this stage. It's more liable to create confusion.

The concept of moving image genre starts to break apart when we move away from mainstream feature films and television programmes and the truth of the matter is that music videos are neither feature films nor television programmes. Most music videos do not conform to sci-fi, crime, documentary, etc (with a tiny few that do - just to confuse the issue; e.g. Michael & Janet Jackson: Scream - sci-fi, Beastie Boys: Sabotage - crime, Air: All I need - documentary/mockumentary). Since most do not conform to the concept of genre, I'd really like a catch all 'other' or 'unknown' genre that we can use, and/or 'music' makes a lot of sense.

I wince everytime I am forced to enter something - anything - into the compulsory genre field. So much so that explanatory notes are frequently required. It's annoying.

I agree with sixandnine.

Not genre related but...
I am unsure about how to categorize OVA/ONAs.

So basically all musical video pieces should all be releases of no film?

I see a lot of older what appear to be musicals creatd as "films" with no genre but a "music" subgenre assigned to them, which one can't do any more. Here's some examples.

where it looks like this and many other of Tears for Fears works previously put in as films are now all made parents to this greatest hits video here on dvd...

I just stumbled on this, and I have the laserdisc version of this video that's on DVD in this release that I was wanting to enter in some how. Should I just make another similar release making it a laserdisc instead of a dvd and have it inherit all of these other Tears for works films that were earlier put in? Seems like we really should have more of a defined inheritance set of rules for releases and films for musical video releases.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Music has now been added as a film genre.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Music has now been added as a film genre.


Good work people. Now I'm emboldened to tackle that Greatest Videos of Red Hot Chilli Peppers that been sat beside my sofa for 2 weeks now :)

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