At this point, I STILL wouldn't even want to use the collection screen on my profile, because I wouldn't even know where to begin. I have no idea what it sorts by, it just seems to do it at random. It doesn't go by number, recent additions, title, or anything like that from what I can tell.

Would it be possible to make it like the normal profile sceen where you can sort by recent additions, have a drop-down menu to sort by titles, type, category, country, and all that which is already being used on the profile. If that could be moved over also to that screen, then it would be made worth using in my opinion.

If I got to scroll through an un-organized list just to see what I have, then what's the point? It doesn't even group the same titled releases together, I really DON't understand it. Thank you.

I (sadly) agree. For collections or wantlists of any decent size this functionality is less than ideal and not a good way to organise data. You are not the only one to ask either, probably our most requested feature.

The reasons that this hasn't been fixed is for rather convoluted technical reasons and because of prioritization for our rather small team. Don't want to make promises for a timeline, but I do hope it is something we can address.

As always thanks for the feedback and the patience

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