I've been noticing that occaisionally I'm offered two of the same suggestions as I type in a name. Usually when I click into them both they return the same links to films so I've never investigated further. Being offered 2 could be a glitch?

Except today I was offered these two:



two completely separate profiles - that should be one because it's the same James A. Contner, cinematographer turned director.

Merging an incorrect credit or company with the correct entry does not fully solve the issue. Entries that had the incorrect credit or company are still linked to the incorrect page. These entries have to be manually edited.



The Carl Stalling page was merged with Carl W. Stalling. The film pages that originally had "Carl Stalling" (as a credit) now read "Carl W. Stalling" but still linked to "Carl Stalling" page AND did not show up in the "Carl W. Stalling" page. I had to edit those film pages - by removing "Carl W. Stalling" and re-entering "Carl W. Stalling" so they would be linked to the correct page.

EK wrote_:

These entries have to be manually edited.

Is this a Filmog contributing/editing advice? It strikes me that a user edit would never result in a merge (ahem, not that developer merges do either) unless one of the credits was reassigned another credit name entirely.

Some clarity from filmog staff on this would be really helpful.

It strikes me that a user edit would never result in a merge

The MERGE came from the staff. But it did not correct anything. To fully correct one has to manually edit. Read below.

The FILMOGS STAFF merged the two credits - "Carl Stalling" (determined to be incorrect by the staff) to "Carl W. Stalling"; the Film pages that contained the incorrect "Carl Stalling" credit then read "Carl W. Stalling" BUT if a user clicked on that credit they were directed back to the incorrect "Carl Stalling" page. PLUS, the Film pages that originally contained the incorrect "Carl Stalling" did not appear in the correct "Carl W. Stalling" page - even though the credit now read "Carl W. Stalling"; As stated in post from a day ago, to link to the correct credit page, one had to go in and edit the credit manually by first deleting it and reentering it. Then it will correctly link and not show up on the incorrect/merged page.

I guess it is editing advice if one wants a correct database - that is how the system currently works.

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