... I am trying to ensure I don't put up a duplicate. I know this site is still a work in progress, and the wiki page says it has a long way to go before it matches Discogs, but I want to be able to put up catalog numbers, country of release, etc, or check that these aren't on here already. For example, a lot of the releases here are probably from USA or Asia (for example), but 99% of my collection is from Australia.

Anyone have suggestions on the best way for me to submit, with this in mind?


Hold up, I think I worked it out. I should have explored more before putting this up. Sorry!

Hi Leigh,
Glad you've had some success figuring it out! I've sent you a few tips via PM as well. Hope it helps, but let us know if you get stuck.

Thank you. Jess, I'm assuming?

I started putting up some submissions, and will add images once I'm done (easier to scan multiple at the same time, then upload them, than it is to submit, scan, submit, scan, etc), also updated 1 or 2 listings. It's quite time consuming ... hopefully it becomes easier, or I get used to it and speed up haha!

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