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I get this message

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on Firefox the last couple of days when I try to view the front page, my profile page, any search results, generally any page that shows multiple thumbs. If I enter the direct link of a film or release page, this shows correctly.
However, on Chrome everything shows as it should.

@EK_: This should be fixed now, thanks for letting us know!

@kwulf: I'm having trouble replicating that bug, can you tell me which version of firefox / which device or operating system you are using?

I am on PC, using Firefox Quantum 67.0.4 (64-bit) on Windows 7 Ultimate.

Thanks for the update, kwulf. Unfortunately I'm still not able to replicate the bug, using the same version of Firefox (albeit on a mac).

Could you try refreshing the page and bypassing your cache (Hold both the Ctrl and Shift keys and then press R.

kalli, I did as you asked but the problem persists.
It seems I HAVE to use Chrome for Filmogs.

Problem now fixed, thanks.

great, thanks for your patience kwulf!

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