I know there's already a thread for TV shows, but it's pretty long and it got a bit confusing. I've just started adding some TV shows and I kinda just wanna check that I'm doing it properly, and also maybe make some suggestions for potential improvements.

From what I understand, first a film page is created for the series, and then a film page for each individual episode. Then on the release page you add the series page, then each episode. This actually works pretty well, it links the series page to each release, and each episode to each release. The only thing that seems to be missing is linking the series page to each episode. I'm not sure exactly how difficult it would be, but I think perhaps the best thing to do would be to add a feature on the 'add film' page where you can select 'episode' or 'series'. When you select 'episode', the only real difference would be that in the search bar instead of (film), (release) or (credit) next to the title you would have (episode), and you can maybe add S2, Ep5 or something. When you select 'series', it would need to have a feature similar to the release page, where you can 'add film' at the bottom, and then you could just add each episode in the series.

Eventually I think the same sort of thing could be done to (short film), (music video), and whatever other film formats there are.

Another thing for TV shows is the image. Since TV shows generally don't have posters like feature films, i'm thinking the best thing to have as the image would be the title card, which is usaually during the credits at the start of the show where it says "The Simpsons" or "Seinfeld" or whatever.

As for the image for each episode, i think the ideal would be to use the episode title card. However I think most show's don't actually have this, and even when they do this could be a little time-consuming to source, so maybe just the series title card would be good enough.

Just one more thing is the credits because I don't think it came up in the older thread. When you have a show that essentially has the same cast for every episode such as Friends, i think you should just add the main credits to the series page, i don't see much point in adding 'Jennifer Anniston' to every episode. However the episode page should have credits for any guests or people involved only in particular episodes. I'll be adding 'The New Twilight Zone' soon, which has different directors and actors in each episode, and therefore i'll need to add individual credits for each episode.

First I want to make the point that you are an excellent contributor! Great Job Dibb-s!

I think it would be better if it worked by seasons not by episodes.


Seinfeld Season 1
Episode 1 (Name of show)
Director (Name)

Episode 2:

A bit like adding a track when you do an album discogs and adding credits to the track. And you'd either put the Original DVD (or any media used first) cover for photo , still of Opening credit of the season, or any Magazine add for the first season.

Three points that to push my point, and some you already put forward.

  1. It makes profile pages super ugly look at David Duchovny or Jennifer Aniston page.

  2. When Filmogs becomes a market place, and for example someone want everything Brad Pitt was involved with. That would include the 4 episodes of the show "Dallas" he was in. I mean you can't buy a DVD of a specific episode but the whole set of that specific season.

  3. People seem to be bored quickly with it they do 4 episodes of the X files and get fed up with it. Doing it the way I propose would allow a guy like me to do the basic job, and people who like to detail to the core to do a follow up. Hence less work for everyone

If this idea would move forward it would suck for the contributor Narcoticevil who took the time edit many episodes of "King of the Hill" and put a great still of every episodes he was involved with. So I would feel bad for him. So I applaud him for his good work.

Hi Dibb-s,

Yes we are still waiting on a way of linking the top-level of a TV show to each individual episode. For the meantime please state what "series" that episode belongs to in the notes.

Some examples are:
TV Show - https://www.filmo.gs/film/40364-The-Simpsons
Episode - https://www.filmo.gs/film/40400-Treehouse-of-Horror-III

TV Show - https://www.filmo.gs/film/38742-Beavis-and-Butt-head
Episode - https://www.filmo.gs/film/38748-1-900-BEAVIS

For images it is difficult like you say. I usually go with the title card, this used to be standard practice for cartoons in the Hanna-Barbera era. Only shows produced by Cartoon Network still seem to use them in more modern shows like Adventure Time.

I have in the past provided stills from the episode, such as this episode of The Rugrats - https://www.filmo.gs/film/31625-No-Naps - but I don't know where we stand legally with this.

Adding credits to each individual episode is in my opinion worth it as it can uncover inconsistencies with staff throughout a shows production period. As with films I don't feel there is a requirement to fully flesh out the credits unless you wish too.
(You will see sometimes I only do the cast for an episode, or the base cast or the whole production team)

For some more obscure entries/TV shows I will add all credits from the source as it is likely not covered elsewhere, example:

To speed things up, remember there is a "Add One Like This" option on each film page. I use this for adding large amounts of TV data into the database (The Simpsons, Scrubs, Beavis & Butthead, King of the Hill for example), this does speed things up greatly.

I agree at the moment with Barry, the fact that we are unable to nest these episodes under a parent film entry (i.e. the TV show) does make the profiles look a bit naff. If we went for something like IMDB does that would most probably make this a lot easier.

And Barry, Narcoticevil is my old handle - I updated my username to sound.and.vision on Discogs a few months back but this website still shows my old handle for stuff I have previously edited/contributed. So thank-you, it is boring - The Simpsons was harder to do.

I still have the following to complete:
King of the Hill Season 1 to 5
The Simpsons Seasons 1 to 13
Scrubs Seasons 1 to 6
CSI Seasons 1 to 4
Futurama the whole thing, including the TV films
Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex
Beavis and Butthead the whole thing including the films
Daria the whole thing including the films
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Season 1

along with various compilations from networks, samplers and other stuff. Want to start contributing a whole shed load of British children's TV (my favourites) to the database in the near future.

Hi Barry, thanks a lot
It definitely can get boring doing individual episodes, nevertheless I still agree with sound.and.vision that it is worthwhile in the long run. But you're right that the profiles become ugly, so I'm not sure what the solution for that would be. Something like IMDb would be great but maybe a bit difficult to establish.

Daria is actually the next one I was going to do Sound.and.vision so you'll be able to cross that off the list, also I was going to get onto a bunch of the simpsons and most of futurama also.

A weird thing though with Futurama, and a few other shows I have; for some reason the Australian releases for season 1, will be season one plus a bunch of season 2, and they aren't necessarily in order, so you end up getting to the season 5 DVD, but it's actually season 6 of Futurama. I'm not sure why this happens or if it's only Australian releases, but I have a few shows like this. I thought i'd mention it just incase people were wondering why I have it all mixed up.

Thanks Dibb-s that would be fantastic if you can get Futurama and Daria in the DB.

├ćon Flux has been completed

So has The Wire Season 1

I'm bumping this again just to bring a focus on how TV shows are currently mean to be submitted for those unaware or unsure.

If anyone has time, smiley, smiley!

We now have the following in the database and episodes need entered.

Yeah all the episodes need to be on one page having, a page for one episode is ridiculous.

Rarely do you have a DVD who will have an individual episode of show. As I have said in the past if someone want everything Brad Pitt was involved with. That would include the 4 episodes of the show "Dallas" he was in. I mean you can't buy a DVD of a specific episode but the whole set of that specific season.

Once in a while you have DVD set where you have a compilation of various TV show from a time period in time. Or VHS with two Flinstone episodes

I like the look of the page you have the poster of the Show and all seasons below. That looks good.

Definitely just need the ability to nest the episode specific pages under the main series, and that the main series (and then the episodes they appear in underneath) appear on the credit page - pretty much exactly like how IMDb handles it (to which IMDb regards each episode as a separate entry as each episode has its own unique identifier)

I don't know about the US, but here in the Netherlands some series are released as a best of collection. Think successful series like Friends or some promotional samplers with a couple of episodes. So it's not all that obvious.

Or perhaps instead of just having "Film" pages, we could have "TV Episode" pages too. Then both pages would be visible from an actor's profile page. That way, all the episodes still have their own page (because directors, writers, and actors often change between episodes), but they wouldn't be cluttering up the "Film" pages.

I do mention it oteis.

I think TV episodes should have pages of their own, but just like sound.and.vision mentions.

This would allow someone to create a page for the show, the season, and if ones cares every episodes.

And by following what he says it would allow one to sell the odd DVD where you have 5 episode of different a show randomly putted together. Furthermore, the credit page would become clean.

Everyone wins.

I don't know about the US, but here in the Netherlands some series are released as a best of collection.

the odd DVD where you have 5 episode of different a show randomly putted together.

Here are a few database examples of this:

That is why you need to keep episode page but into the seasons of their respective series.

I also agree with you, instead of just having "Film" pages, we could have "TV Episode" pages too. I would also have "Season pages" in which you install the Tv episode.

TV Shows (Series) need to be separated from films, else Filmogs will become very confused. I would suggest that we need...

Add TV Show, like Add Film (as a folder for episodes)

In such a submission form, Season and Episode number fields would be needed.

I agree, and have always wanted this from the start. However it -MUST- be possible for us to convert the already added film entries to the TV episodes.

Simply put I think we should use the Film entry page, and then simply have a tick box named "TV Show?" to which ticking this then sets that film entry as a TV episode.

Simply put I think we should use the Film entry page, and then simply have a tick box named "TV Show?" to which ticking this then sets that film entry as a TV episode.

You mean much like how the format box on Discogs changes depending on what you select? That could work too. That way we could also select film types: Feature, Short, Music Video, etc.

Yep I think that would work the best. I know from a little bit of web design myself, that you could have it so that as soon as you Tick say "TV Episode" it will then show some fields that you wouldn't see if it was a Film (like Series Name [here you can specify the series the episode belongs to], season number and episode number).

There are lots of possibilities on the horizon.

MovieBox is the best application to watch free TV shows.

MovieBox is the best application to watch free TV shows


However it brings back this topic lol. They did mild improoment on this but TV episodes still look like blooted non sense on a profile page.

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