Boogie Nights

2 x LaserDisc, CLV, Widescreen

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number CC1521L
Criterion Collection Spine # 366
Barcode 0715515008990
ISBN 1-55940-862-6
Mint Marks Side 1 59-584A1-002 085B0107 MADE IN USA
Mint Marks Side 2 59-584B1-004 085B0311 MADE IN USA
Mint Marks Side 3 59-584C1-005 085B0346 MADE IN USA
Mint Marks Side 4 59-584D1-002 085B0128 MADE IN USA
Language English
Subtitles English (Closed Captioned)
Territories United States
Aspect Ratio 2.35:1
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Surround (Digital), Commentary (Analog Left), Dolby Digital (Analog Right), Stereo
Run Time 157 min.
Colour Encoding NTSC
Notes released on 1998-04-08

Liner notes: "The Swollen Boy", by Chuck Stephens.

Chapter 54 is an unlisted easter egg.

According to a contemporary Entertainment Weekly article, Criterion shipped only 2000 copies of this release.
Side 1
1 Opening logos / Boogie Nights
2 "The Sage" / Introductions
3 Breakfast at the Adams'
4 Buck's TK-421
5 Coffee shop
6 "Brand New Key"
7 "Mama Told Me Not to Come" / Jack's party
8 The Colonel / "Spill the Wine"
9 "Lonely Boy" / Maggie
10 Little Bill / "Fooled Around"
11 "I think she's sick"
12 Scotty / "You Sexy Thing"
13 First sex scene
14 "...If you need a close up" / "Boogie Shoes"
Side 2
15 "Machine Gun" / Split screen
16 Award ceremony
17 1978 / Brock and Chest
18 Dirk's new house / "Gotta Give it Up"
19 Floyd Gondolli / "Driver's Seat"
20 Todd Parker
21 Godzilla vs. Mothra
22 Scotty and Dirk
23 Little Bill's New Year
24 Amber's documentary
25 Jack and The Colonel
26 Johnny Doe
27 "The Touch"
28 Sequence D / "Compared to What"
29 Buck's loan
30 Amber's hearing
31 On the lookout
Side 3
32 Clementine's loop
33 The donut shop
34 Rahad Jackson / "Sister Christian"
35 Cosmo and "Jessie's Girl"
36 "God Only Knows"
37 "The Big Top"
38 The last shot
39 End credits
40 Supplement directory
Deleted scenes
41 Scene three - ham and cheese
42 Buck and Amber in the van
43 Brock and Chico - 16mm
44 The 2nd awards ceremony
45 New Year's Eve
Side 4
Deleted scenes continued
46 Fire with Fire: The Brock and Chest Story
47 Maurice and Rollergirl
48 Mixing "Feel the Heat"
49 Under the table
Further supplements
50 Excerpts from "Exhausted: John C. Holmes, The Real Story" with commentary by Paul Thomas Anderson
51 Music Video: Michael Penn, "Try", dir. Paul Thomas Anderson, with commentary by Paul Thomas Anderson
52 LaserDisc production credits and special thanks
53 Color bars
54 Dirk Diggler prosthesis tests with commentary by Paul Thomas Anderson


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