Monty Python And The Holy Grail (Collector's Edition)

1 x DVD, Widescreen. Single Sided. Dual Layer. PAL
1 x DVD, Single Sided. Single Layer. PAL

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number D14164
Barcode 9 317731 018114
  • 1 x DVD Description: Widescreen. Single Sided. Dual Layer. PAL
  • 1 x DVD Description: Single Sided. Single Layer. PAL
Region 4
Territories Australia
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Enhanced
Colour Colour
Audio Dolby Digital, English 5.1, Hungarian 5.1, Russian 5.1
Run Time 86 minutes
Censorship PG
Notes When disc 2 is inserted in the DVD player/drive, a Windows dialog box pops up prompting to run autorun.exe, or to play the DVD using a select range of programs. Selecting run autorun.exe brings up a release-specific dialog box prompting to either play the DVD, or providing internet links related to the movie.

Back cover and discs:
© 2003 Layout and Design Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment Australia.
Play Movie
Scene Select
1-1 Main Titles
1-2 Coconuts
1-3 Plague Village
1-4 Constitutional Peasants
1-5 The Black Knight
1-6 Witch Village
1-7 Knights Of The Round Table
1-8 God
1-9 French Taunters
1-10 The Trojan Rabbit
1-11 The Tale Of Sire Robin
1-12 The Tale Of Sir Galahad
1-13 Scene 24
1-14 The Knights Who Say Ni
1-15 The Tale Of Sir Lancelot
1-16 The Rescue Of Prince Herbert
1-19 The Wedding Guests
1-18 Roger The Shrubber
1-19 A Herring
1-20 Tim The Enchanter
1-21 The Cave Of Caerbannog
1-22 The Holy Hand Grenade
1-23 The Black Beast Of Aaarrghh!
1-24 The Bridge Of Death
1-25 The Castle Of Aaarrghh!
1-26 The Holy Grail
1-27 Prepare To Attack
1-28 The End Of The Film
Audio & Subtitles
1-29 Subtitles
1-30 Audio Options
The Killer Rabbit
The Hard Of Hearing
2-1 Knights Of The Round Table
2-2 Sir Robin
2-3 Monks Chant
Quest For The Holy Grail Locations
Sacred Relics
2-4 Coconuts
2-5 Japanese Version
2-6 BBC Film Night
2-7 Old Rubbish
2-8 Artefacts
2-9 Photos
2-10 Trailers
2-10a Original UK Trailer
2-10b US 2001 Re-Release Trailer
2-11 The Cast
2-11a Graham Chapman
2-11b Terry Gilliam
2-11c Terry Jones
2-11d John Cleese
2-11e Eric Idle
2-11f John Young
2-11g Connie Booth
2-11h Bee Duffell
2-11i Neil Innes
2-11j Carol Cleveland
2-11k Rita Davies


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