Mars Attacks!

1 x DVD

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number Z1 14480
Catalog Number (case rear) Z1 - 14480
Barcode 7 321900 144803
BBFC Reference VFB 15969
Part Number (Disc) D1 14480
Language English
Subtitles English, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Czech, Turkish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Croatian, English for the hearing impaired
Region 2
Aspect Ratio Widescreen
Colour Colour
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1
Run Time 106 Mins.
Colour Encoding PAL
Notes Packaged in a DVD Snap Case.

Feature begins playback automatically.

Includes alternate Music Only audio track

Special features: Production notes, Theatrical trailers.
Feature 1:41:29
1 Not your everyday barbecue.
2 Swarming Credits.
3 A warm and neighborly decision.
4 Working Las Vegas.
5 Intelligent life out there.
6 Martian detail; roundups.
7 We interrupt this broadcast.
8 The meaning of it all.
9 Always the best one.
10 A basic question.
11 Back home with Muffy and Slim.
12 The welcome mat in Nevada.
13 From dove to devastation.
14 "Let's not be too rash."
15 Souvenirs of earth.
16 Gonna need a place to stay.
17 Surgical procedures.
18 "They blew up Congress!"
19 Presidential priorities.
20 Hopes for a real outcome.
21 A fine romance.
22 Jerry's late-night guest.
23 Wakeup call... with a death ray.
24 Death by chandelier.
25 Whoa! Art's pitch in shambles.
26 Crashing Tom Jones' act.
27 Las Vegas and Lawrenceville under siege.
28 Nuclear high.
29 Bowled over.
30 Trailer trash and an overcooked lawyer.
31 Grandma Norris has the answer.
32 Gen. Decker underfoot.
33 Just getting along with the President.
34 A Whitman sampler.
35 Byron's last stand.
36 A slimy rout.
37 The world's new start.
38 End Credits (It's Not Unusual, Indian Love Call)
Special Features
1 Theatrical Trailer 2:25
2 The Cast
a Jack Nicholson
b Glenn Close
c Annette Bening
d Pierce Brosnan
e Danny DeVito
f Martin Short
g Sarah Jessica Parker
h Michael J. Fox
3 Production Notes
4 Film Flash


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