Celine Dion: All the Way: A Decade of Song & Video

1 x DVD

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Main Details
Companies 5/50 Music (Production Company 2000)
Epic Music Video (Distributor 2000)
Identifying Codes
BVD 50229 Catalog No.
0-7389-0047-8 ISBN
0 7464-50229-9 4 UPC
Format 1 x DVD
Language English
Subtitles English (SDH)
Audio 5.1 Dolby Surround, PCM Stereo
Run Time 90 Minutes
Classification (No classification specified)

1 Program Start
2 The Power of Love
3 If You Asked Me To
4 Misled
5 Beauty and the Beast (Duet with Terry Bradford)
6 Because You Loved Me
7 It's All Coming Back to Me
8 Love Can Make Mountains
9 To Love You More
10 My Heart Will Go On
11 I'm Your Angel (Duet with R. Kelly)
12 That's the Way It Is
13 If Walls Could Talk
14 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Live)
15 All the Way (Duet with Frank Sinatra)
16 Then You Look at Me
17 I Want You to Need Me
18 Live for the One I Love
19 Bonus Video: It's All Coming Back to Me Now (Stereo Mix-Long Version)



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