How Music and Mathematics Relate

3 x DVD

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Main Details
Companies The Great Courses (Distributor 2013)
Identifying Codes
Catalog No. ID1373A-01
ISBN 159803920-2
UPC 9 781598 039207
Format 3 x DVD 1 x Coursebook
Language English
Colour Color
Run Time 12 Lectures/45 Minutes per Lecture
Classification (No classification specified)

Disc One
1-1 Overtones-Symphony in a Single Note
1-2 Timbre-Why Each Instrument Sounds Different
1-3 Pitch and Auditory Illusions
1-4 How Scales are Constructed
Disc Two
2-1 How Scale Tunings and Composition Coevolved
2-2 Dissonance and Piano Tuning
2-3 Rhythm-From Numbers to Patterns
2-4 Transformation and Symmetry
Disc Three
3-1 Self-Reference from Bach to Gödel
3-2 Composing with Math-Classical to Avant-Garde
3-3 The Digital Delivery of Music
3-4 Math, Music and the Mind


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