Main Details
Identifying Codes
Barcode 715515179119
Catalog Number CC2635BD
ISBN 978-1-68143-166-6
Spine Number 820
Language French
Subtitles English
Region A
Aspect Ratio 1.66:1
Colour Color
Audio Monaural
Run Time 72 Minutes
Notes First printing 2016

New 2K digital restoration with uncompressed monaural soundtrack
Alternate English-language soundtrack
Episode of the French television program "Italiques" from 1974 about Topor’s work
Interview with Topor from 1973
New English subtitle translation
PLUS: An essay by critic Michael Brooke
New cover by Eric Skillman
1. Start Program/Main Titles
2. Om Mother Runs Into Finger
3. "Look father, a female Om"
4. Baby Om Gets His Collar
5. Traag Meditation
6. Traag Meeting
7. Terr's New Home
8. The Traags Meld
9. Terr Fools Tiwa
10. "Terr loves Tiwa"
11. Tiwa's Learning
12. Crystals Cover Ygam
13. "Come and See"
14. Terr Learns
15. First Meditation
16. Terr Escapes
17. "My first meeting"
18. The Mating Ritual
19. "Bring me the combat animals!"
20. Travel Across Ygam
21. Winged Beast Attack
22. "Long ago I saw them de-Om"
23. "What are you doing on our land?"
24. De-Oming Begins
25. The Wild Oms Strike Back
26. Search For A Safe Place
27. "I regret that we de-Om"
28. "There we build our city"
29. De-Oming Devices
30. The Fantastic Planet
31. "The Oms are taking revenge!"
32. End Credits


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