The Return Of The King

1 x DVD

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 576
Barcode 012569057623
ISBN 0-7907-6263-3
Language English
Subtitles English, French, Spanish
Region 1
Colour Color
Run Time 97 mins
Colour Encoding NTSC
1 Prologue; A Ring's Tale.
2 Frodo Of The Nine Fingers.
3 Credits (It's So Easy Not To Try).
4 Crossing Into Mordor.
5 The Bearer Of The Ring.
6 Samwise The Strong.
7 Less Can Be More.
8 Under Siege.
9 Denethor's Black Vision.
10 The Two Watchers.
11 Great Elf Warrior.
12 Rescuing Frodo.
13 The Power (Roads, The Bearer Of The Ring Reprise).
14 Team Magic.
15 Weary Fugitives.
16 Vale Of Gorogoroth.
17 Where There's A Whip.
18 Enemy At The Gates.
19 Leave Tomorrow Till It Comes.
20 Mount Doom (The Cracks Of Doom).
21 The Gollum.
22 Theoden Falls.
23 Claimed By The Ring.
24 Eowyn Triumphs.
25 Choice Of Evils.
26 End Of The Ring.
27 On Eagle's Wings.
28 The Return Of The King.
29 Farewells.
30 End Credits.


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