Zero Boys - Live At Cosmo's 1984

1 x DVD+R

Main Details
Region ALL
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Colour Color
Run Time 65 mins.
Notes A document of 1980s Indiana hardcore band ZERO BOYS' homecoming show captured in 1984 upon the band's return from a tour. There has been no video of the group's original lineup until this gem surfaced and fans can finally see them at their height of their natural punk encrusted powers in an overcrowded pizza place on Indy's west side.

Bass – Tufty
Drums – Mark Cutsinger
Guitar – Terry Howe
Vocals – Paul Mahern
Producer – Zero Boys
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EK_ posted 7 months ago:

FORMAT - according to external link provided, this is a DVD-R not DVD; please confirm or deny. Thanks!

sTemwinder7 posted 7 months ago:

Zero Boys: Live at the Pizza Castle — 1981 is a welcome video document of Indianapolis’ seminal punk band in its late toddler stage, after they found their feet with the explosive Livin’ in the ’80s EP and just before they gathered strength to record Vicious Circle.

At the time of the show, bassist Tufty Clough had just joined the band, but he had already formed a formidable bond with drummer Mark Cutsinger, particularly on songs like “Johnny Better Get” and “Down The Drain.” Singer Paul Mahern looks like a little kid, but he already had the swagger and command that made him the finest punk rock frontman this city has ever seen. “Amerika,” “She Said Goodbye” and the closing “Indianapolis” stand up as among Mahern’s finest moments. But guitarist Terry Hollywood, a manic ball of energy reeling off pick slides and feedback magic tricks, steals the show. His guitar work on a lyric-less version of “Blood’s Good” is extraordinary.

The set list is a Zero Boys fan’s dream: All of Livin’ in the ’80s and nearly all of Vicious Circle is represented, as are choice tracks that would later show up on History of … Sound and picture quality aren’t bad, considering that the source material is a 30-year-old videotape. Certainly it’s a vast improvement on the only other DVD of a Zero Boys performance available, a hideous-looking DVD of a Cosmos Pizza show from a couple years back.

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