A Cat In The Brain

1 x Blu-ray

Main Details
Language Italian, English
Subtitles English
Aspect Ratio 1:1.66
Colour Colour
Audio LPCM Stereo
Run Time 93 mins
Notes The master of Italian horror, Lucio Fulci, stars as... Lucio Fulci, a filmmaker with a reputation for gruesome horror films. His body of work has started to plague his mental state, and he is haunted by the grotesque set-pieces his mind has conjured up during his career. His psychiatrist, Egon Swharz (David L. Thompson), uses a hypnotised Fulci as an avatar to carry out his own disturbed fantasies, in hopes of ruining the master’s reputation once and for all.
The most personal film in the career of Lucio Fulci, A Cat in the Brain is essential viewing for any self-respecting fan. This nightmarish satire on Italian horror cinema is a fascinating insight into one of horror cinemas most endearing figures. Re-discover this neglected gem today, thanks to this stunning HD presentation from 88 Films!


HD Transfer from the Original 16mm Negative
Uncompressed English Soundtrack
Uncompressed Italian Soundtrack with English Subtitles
BRAIN FOOD: ANALYSING LATE DAY FULCI - (45 minutes) Brand new documentary on the misfires and masterpieces of Lucio Fulci’s late period career featuring CAT IN THE BRAIN screenwriter Antonio Tentori, legendary film critic Kim Newman, Dark Side magazine editor Allan Bryce and more...
Fabio Frizzi - Live in Hollywood - Oct. 2, 2015
(No chapters specified)


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