Howl's Moving Castle

2 x DVD

Main Details
Identifying Codes
Barcode 5 060034 572114
Catalog Number OPTD0181
BBFC Reference VFC87673 Disc 1
BBFC Reference VFC70816
Language English, Japanese
Subtitles English
Region 2
Territories United Kingdom, Ireland
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Anamorphic
Colour Colour
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1
Run Time 115 Mins
Colour Encoding PAL
Notes Number 7 in the Studio Ghibli Collection Series

The sleeve states:

Special Features
Disc 1:
Alternative angle storyboards

Disc 2:
Interview with author, Diana Wynne Jones
Interview with Pixar's Peter Docter (MONSTERS INC.)
Hello Lasseter Featurettee - Miyazaki's visit to Pixar
Explanation of CG Featurettee
Japanese trailers and TV spots
Theatrical Trailer
Studio Ghibli Trailer Reel

However the "Studio Ghibli Trailer Reel" appears on Disc 1 and not on Disc 2.
Disc 1 - Feature 1:54:18
1 Howl's Moving Castle
2 Mouse Trapped!
3 Swept Off Her Feet
4 Turnips & Tribulations
5 A Place to Stay
6 The Call to War
7 Bad Omen Breakfast
8 Reflections at Star Lake
9 War Comes Home
10 A Hair Raising Tantrum
11 The Cowardly Scheme
12 A Waste of a Witch
13 Flight from the City
14 Wizard's Lair
15 A New Home
16 Howl's Gift
17 Family
18 No More Running
19 Sophie's Castle Moves!
20 Journey to the Past
21 The Heart of a Child
22 An End to the War
23 The Merry-Go-Round of Life
24 End / Closing Credits
Disc 1 - Special Features
1 The Studio Ghibli Collection Trailer Part 1 4:59
2 The Studio Ghibli Collection Trailer Part 2 6:49
Disc 2 - Special Features
1 Interviews
a Interview with Diana Wynne Jones (Author of Howl's Moving Castle) 7:35
b Interview with Pete Docter (Director of the English Dub) 7:23
2 Hello, Mr. Lasseter 16:37
3 Explanation of CG 19:46
4 Trailer Collection
a Japanese Trailers & TV Spots 12:08
b Theatrical Trailer 1:37


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