Terminator Salvation - Director's Cut (2-Disc Digital Copy Special Edition) [TARGET Exclusive Release]

2 x DVD, DVD-9 [both]

Main Details
Identifying Codes
UPC-A 8 83929 05905 8
ISBN-10 1-4198-7924-3
SKU 1000090472
  • 2 x DVD Description: DVD-9 [both]
Language English
Subtitles English SDH; French; Spanish
Region 1
Aspect Ratio 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Colour Color
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1 (English), Dolby Digital 2.0 (English; bonus features)
Run Time 117 min
Colour Encoding NTSC
Notes Programs:
Disc Two contains the DVD-ROM content used to connect online and acquire the iTunes or Windows Media digital copy of the film (offer expired December 1, 2010).

Playable bonus content on disc two features English and French subtitles. These, however, must be accessed through the remote only, as there are no on-screen menus to select them.

Released in standard-size keepcase (Viva Eco-Box with single-disc swing-tray) with holofoil enhanced O-Card (with die-cut barcode window). Sticker on O-Card face that reads "ONLY AT [Target symbol] Exclusive 2-Disc Special Edition Includes: R-Rated Director's Cut 30 Additional Minutes of Bonus Content Offer valid while supplies last" (item #4000021630).

In-case extras include a single-sheet insert with digital copy redemption code (single-sided; item #4000019837)
Disc One
[pre-menu trailer - auto-play]
Fringe 02:02
Warner Blu-ray 01:43
Sherlock Holmes 05:29
Batman Arkham Asylum game
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season Two
Terminator Salvation Graphic Novel (official movie prequel)
Play Movie 1:57:25
Scene Selection
1 Death Row Credits
2 R&D Project
3 Survivors
4 Kill List
5 Out There Alone
6 What Happened Here
7 You Are The Resistance
8 Drive To Stay Alive
9 Harvester Flare Up
10 Moto-Terminator Mayhem
11 Evasive Maneuvers
12 On The Same Side
13 Not A Good Guy
14 Field Test
15 Machine Within
16 Identifications
17 Eyes On The Machine
18 Hydrobots: His Only Hope
19 We Are Not Machines
20 Infiltration In Sync
21 Serve A Purpose
22 John Connor's Killer
23 Nuclear Life Source
24 Intervention
25 Mortally Wounded
26 Second Chances
27 End Credits
Disc Two
Reforging The Future 19:00
Focus Points
1 Digital Destruction 02:32
2 Enlisting The Air Force 02:50
3 An Icon Returns 03:05
4 Stan Winston Shop 03:06


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