24 (Season One)

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0 24543 44291 2
0 24543 41878 2
7 x DVD
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24 Season One
Includes 24 Season 6 Premiere
The first four riveting episodes of the 2007 Season: 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

The Season 1 box and the Season 6 premiere boxes are sandwiched together, back to back, inside clear shrinkwrap.

Season 1 is in it's own shrinkwrap and the barcode of Season 1 is printed on the box. There was a white sticker over the barcode on the shrink itself. That barcode is 0 24543 44291 2 with an EAN-2 of 50.

Season 6 premiere is in it's own shrinkwrap as well with a barcode sticker on the outside of the shrinkwrap and a white sticker over it. That barcode is 0 24543 41878 2. Printed on the release itself, under the shrink, is the same barcode with an EAN-2 of 20.

Barcode sticker on bottom side of outer shrink is X000BH2SP3. Possibly a retailer barcode.

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