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Die Another Day

Release (1 x DVD)

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Main Details
Companies Metro Goldwyn Mayer (Brand)
Flexplay (Brand)
Identifying Codes (No identifying codes found)
Format 1 x DVD
Description: Flexplay, Promo, Sampler, Limited Edition
Language English
Colour Color
Colour Encoding NTSC
Classification (No classification specified)
Notes Once removed from its packaging, the DVD will self-destruct in 36 hours.

1 Die Another Day Final Trailer 2:22
2 "Die Another Day" - Madonna - Music Video 4:27
3 Die Another Day - Teaser #1 1:02
4 Die Another Day - Teaser #2 1:17
5 "Meet The Cast" Featurette 2:38
6 "The Hovercraft Chase" Featurette 2:43
7 "Q's Workshop" Featurette 2:34
8 "The Aston Martin" Featurette 2:51
9 "Making The Waves" Featurette 2:58
10 Madonna's "Die Another Day" - "Making The Video" Teaser 4:00

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