All additions to the database should be associated with a release

When adding to the Filmogs database, a release should always be added to the database before adding peripheral information, like the master film, credits, or companies. This is to maintain the integrity of Filmogs as a physical film database as much as possible.

We understand there may be instances where it may make more sense for contributor to enter the master into the database before the release, which is allowed. However, we ask you to refrain from adding a master film, actor, or company to the database if you do not have a release to follow.

If you come across a master film or credit without any individual physical releases affiliated with it, we appreciate if you can connect them.

We avoid removing any film, release, or credit information from the database when possible in the hopes it can instead be corrected or added to. While we understand allowing unsubstantiated or unsupported data to remain in the database is less than ideal, we see it as a symptom of growing the database. It also avoids the work of a submission being added twice (or more).