Community Guide to Adding Credits

Credits are known as people, musicians, sports teams, wrestlers, production companies and TV Channels associated with a certin film production.

The Structure of credits should be kept as below and only this structure.

writers / screenplays
other roles last


Roles are the cast of a production there are many cast roles, you can create a new one if you can't find one aplicable.

Actors are male's and Actresses are women on feture films and tv shows / tv episodes
On stage plays / Live performances use cast.

For other genders use either self or other as this was brought up in a discussion as the correct way to add them, or use actor / actress.

Never use actress on a man or actor on a female that is incorrect and was also brought up in discussion.


Enter a description or short biography of this Credit; for example, a person's place of birth, date of birth (and death if applicable), alternative names and what they're best known for.

Use the events section for events like birth date and deaths.


Link to this Credit's Discogs page here if applicable (and if so, link back to this page from their Discogs page).

Include links to this Credit's IMDb, Wikipedia pages and other helpful sities like other databases and facebook / social media pages.

Do not link to nsfw sities, fan made pages, news articals or misleading websities.


Enter the name the Credit they are most commonly known as in English, so all users can find a credit and duplicates are not made.

For wrestlers use there best known ring name an example will be Justin Credible, though justin was known as PG-187 in another company that data is best be added to the profile section.
If wrestlers like The Miz have appered on films use there real name, for The Miz his name is Mike Mizanin.

**Sports Teams

Sports Teams are alloed as themselves as it helps groups many spotrts personal to one credit though to not confuse other users add there logo and full name an example Manchester United.

**TV Channels and Companies

For TV Channels add the main one the TV Show appered on an example is Sky Italia with Gomorra - La serie

Production companies are allowed as credits if they helped produce the film.