How To Buy On Filmogs

Search for the title of the film you’d like to buy in the Filmogs database. You’ll be able to see if any individual releases are for sale immediately in the search results as they’ll have a blue ‘1 for sale’ flag on the release card. Either click on the one you want, or go to the ‘Film’ (master) page. Here you’ll be able to see all individual releases of this film in one overview.

After clicking on the film release you wish to purchase, click the blue ‘1 for sale’ button. Here you’ll see more details about this particular DVD, Blu-ray or VHS you want to buy, including the condition, additional notes, shipping method, and the seller. To keep going, click ‘Details’ on the right.

Choose your preferred shipping method by stating the region you’d like it shipped to, or if you’d like to pick up. If you’re not quite ready to commit yet and would like to ask the seller a question (like if they’ll ship to your state or continent if it’s not specified in the shipping methods drop-menu), you can do so in the comment box. The seller will receive an email notification about your query.

Note: please ensure your shipping address is correct and up to date on Filmogs and on PayPal (if this is your chosen payment method) before completing your order to avoid delays with receiving your order or further complications.

To proceed, click ‘Add to Cart’ to complete your order.