How To Communicate With The Seller

Once you’ve completed the order of the film you’d like to buy, you can contact the seller at any time through the Order page. You can find this here, or click the your username in the top-right corner (make sure you’re logged in) and click ‘Buy & Sell’ from the drop-menu.

This will take you to your Marketplace dashboard. You can check on your Purchases from the left column. See your ordered item, the seller name, and the status of your order. Click on ‘View’ on the order you’d like to learn more about.

You can send a message directly to the seller in the ‘message’ box at the bottom of the page, and see any messages the seller has sent to you. The seller will get an email notification when you send them a message via this page.

If There's a Problem With Your Order

First trying to communicate with the seller via the order page. Most sellers will work with you to find a resolution. If you continue to have difficulties with your order, please contact Filmogs support via the chat button.