Image Guidelines

Adding an image to your release submission is not compulsory, but it does improve the quality of your submission by providing more information about the release (or film) and make it more appealing for other users to check out.

  • Accepted image formats are .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp. (13.1.1.)

  • Images should be good quality, face-on, readable, correctly oriented and free of any copyright, watermark, URL, or other marks. Images should be static, no animated GIFs please. They must be of the exact object they are attached to. (13.1.4.)

  • No images of plain packaging please. For objects enclosed in or including generic artwork, this artwork can be added, but the primary image must be the main object. (13.1.5.)

  • Copyrighted or illegal images will be removed, and the user may be held accountable for their inclusion. (13.1.7.)

  • Entity images should preferably be of the entity performing, or publicly available publicity shots. Preference for the primary image goes to the most iconic and widely recognized picture of the entity the height of their career, if possible. (13.9.1.)

  • The images should be unmanipulated. (13.9.2.)

  • 'Tabloid' type images of the entity outside of their main career (for example, James Brown's police mugshot, Britney Spears shaving her head) are not permitted. (13.9.3.)

  • Entity logos by themselves are fine to add as an image. Entity pictures with included logos are acceptable as long as the following points are observed: (13.9.4.)

  • The logo doesn't obscure the entity image to any great degree

  • The logo was officially put there e.g. no home made image mashups

  • Images without logos are preferred

  • Company type images should usually be restricted to logos used by that company. (13.10.)

See Discogs g13.2.1 regarding acceptable size and quality.

By uploading images to Filmogs you agree that the image meets one of the following requirements:

  1. Image is Public Domain (expired copyright or public from inception).
  2. You own the rights to the image and agree to make it available via CC0 "No Rights Reserved" license.
  3. Image is already made available through a CC0 "No Rights Reserved" license.
  4. Fair Use - any image representing a physical or digital product (e.g., cover art, label scans, packaging, liner notes).

Suggested images include, primarily, the front cover of the item you have submitted to the database. We also recommend adding an image of the slipcase (if it is included with the release) back cover and any promotional items that came the the release. You may also choose to include an image of the spine and disc(s) included in the release.

The order of images should be as follows:

  • Slipcase (if included)
  • Front cover
  • Back cover
  • Spine
  • Disc(s)
  • Promotional material
  • Other

See also: How To Add An Image To Your Release Submission