Why Buy On Filmogs

We know there are already a lot of great places to buy DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS tapes and laser-discs online, and we appreciate you taking the time to check out Filmogs!

Filmogs is different to many other major online marketplaces in that our focus is a lot narrower - we focus only on DVDs, blu-rays, VHS, laser-disc and film releases across other physical formats. While we’re still small, we hope to one day become the go-to marketplace for film lovers and collectors to buy and sell their physical film releases.

The Filmogs database is user-built, meaning all the data and film releases currently on Filmogs has been contributed by the Filmogs community. The Filmogs community is made up of film buffs and collectors, so by buying from the Filmogs community, you’re supporting fellow film fans.

Filmogs is completely independent. We’re not backed by investors or large corporations, we exist only for film fans, physical media enthusiasts and collectors.

If you’re looking for a specific release, version or edition of a film or TV series on DVD, Blu-ray, VHS or other film format, you’re more likely to find it on Filmogs (and hopefully more so in the future), as Filmogs is the only database that focuses on the individual physical release of films. Like Discogs before us, submitting to the Filmogs database requires you to have the physical item in front of you and enter details that only apply to an individual release of the media. With the help of our community of contributors, we’re aiming to build a comprehensive database and marketplace that is the authority on physical film releases.